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Get glammed with me and Anna!

Hi glammers!

I wanted to share a little bit about the glam sesh I had with my December bride-to-be, Anna! I had the priviledge of doing her makeup for her bridal shower last weekend, and I have attached a link to my youtube channel where I show you how I did it! Let me walk you through some of the steps and why I did what I did…


I usually start with the eyes when I am doing a more smokey eye because there is often shadow fall out. It’s much easier to clean up the excess shadow, then apply foundation… rather than fixing foundation already there (that can get messy and ruin the makeup). Because Anna had a generous amount of lid space, I took the shadow up high into the crease, so when her eyes are open you can see the shadow creating a nice halo around her eyes. I used a liquid liner to create a thick line with a tiny wing, then added mascara. We skipped false lashes for this particular event, as Anna has naturally long lashes.

Once her eyes were completey finished, I moved on to her face. I applied a full coverage foundation to her face (Fit Me! Matte and Poreless foundation by Maybelline) with a damp beauty blender sponge to ensure the finish was flawless. I concealed under her eyes with the dream lumi touch highlighting concealer (also Maybelline). Once the face makeup was on, I set everything with powder. Next, I went in with powder bronzer to softly contour Anna’s face. Lastly, I added highlighter to accentuate her cheekbones, upper lip and tip of her nose which adds lift. She has very beautiful and prominent features, so I simply enhanced what she has!

We finished up with the lips. Initially, Anna had hoped for a pinkish/red lip. Once it was on, she decided to go for something more nude, which I agreed would look good since her eyes had more color.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a few of my tips, and really hope you like the video!

Love always, Shana xoxo

The power of makeup!



(I reveal the “power of makeup” on my beautiful client, and friend, Jenna)

About 5 months ago, youtube phenomenon and beauty guru, “NikkieTutorials” took to her channel and made a powerful statement about “the power of makeup” In her video, she explains how shes saddened by the fact that lately all over social media there seems to be shame in loving/wearing makeup. She continues to explain how it seems as if girls who love makeup are made to feel vain, or insecure. So she decided to show the powerful impact of how makeup can transform people into a different version of themselves. Her tutorial shows how she does one half of her face in full glam makeup, and leaves the other half natural and untouched.

Nikkie’s message truly resonated with me. I agree with her that there does seem to be a lot of “makeup shaming” on social media. It seems like every post on instagram, where the model is wearing more than a couple of products, that someone is saying “too much makeup”…

The thing is, a lot of women use makeup as a form of artistry. Some days we walk out the front door, and a little bit of mascara and blush suffice. Other days, we want to do it all from contour and highlight to baking to false name it, we want to be full glam and take a picture of it!

My point is, that whether you have a full face of makeup, a little bit of makeup on, or are going au natural….there is no shame in your game. Embrace your fresh face because that’s exactly the way you were made, and know that makeup is there to transform yourself and enhance what you have, should you want it to.

Love always, Shana

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