(I reveal the “power of makeup” on my beautiful client, and friend, Jenna)

About 5 months ago, youtube phenomenon and beauty guru, “NikkieTutorials” took to her channel and made a powerful statement about “the power of makeup” In her video, she explains how shes saddened by the fact that lately all over social media there seems to be shame in loving/wearing makeup. She continues to explain how it seems as if girls who love makeup are made to feel vain, or insecure. So she decided to show the powerful impact of how makeup can transform people into a different version of themselves. Her tutorial shows how she does one half of her face in full glam makeup, and leaves the other half natural and untouched.

Nikkie’s message truly resonated with me. I agree with her that there does seem to be a lot of “makeup shaming” on social media. It seems like every post on instagram, where the model is wearing more than a couple of products, that someone is saying “too much makeup”…

The thing is, a lot of women use makeup as a form of artistry. Some days we walk out the front door, and a little bit of mascara and blush suffice. Other days, we want to do it all from contour and highlight to baking to false lashes..you name it, we want to be full glam and take a picture of it!

My point is, that whether you have a full face of makeup, a little bit of makeup on, or are going au natural….there is no shame in your game. Embrace your fresh face because that’s exactly the way you were made, and know that makeup is there to transform yourself and enhance what you have, should you want it to.

Love always, Shana