So I usually don’t bother much with the samples that I get at Sephora, not for any reason other than I usually just forget about them! I am sure glad I didn’t forget about this one…the ItCosmetics CC+ cream with SPF 50+

I saw that youtube sensation, Christen Dominque was at the ItCosmetics booth at the Gen Beauty event in New York a couple weeks ago, raving about this product…so when I stumbled across it in my makeup bag I knew I had to try it.

Let’s start with what this product does. It’s a foundation, brightener, anti aging serum, primer, dark spot/color corrector, day cream, AND spf all in one product.

I enjoyed this product! I wore it the other day, morning through evening, and was pleased with how it wore over the course of the day. I was out in the sun for a little over an hour while babysitting, so I appreciated the spf coverage it gave me. It also impressed me that while I was outside, it didn’t melt off or get overly shiny. This is definitely more full coverage which is another thing I like about this. I typically don’t tend to opt for BB or CC creams because I find them to lack the coverage factor I need, but this definitely provided that 🙂 On the website it says that this product is a pore minimizing primer. I don’t know that I completely agree with that, as I found that my pores looked as large as they usually do, but I do love that the primer is inside of the product so I’m able to skip that step. At the end of the day, I still liked the way that my skin looked, which is the true test!

This is a product I definitely think is worth looking into purchasing if you like to get ready quickly and want to be able to have the luxury of getting all these benefits by using one product!

Hope you all enjoyed this review 🙂

Love always, Shana



(^^ Here I am wearing the CC cream ^^)